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We auction out your service repairs  to local Mechanics Shops  to get you the best quality service at the lowest prices

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I can help you read your OBD error code and clear the engine light. If I can't get a code then no charge.

What is provided:
-> Reading back of your obd code using my obd2 reader. Works on any 1996 and newer car, light truck, or SUV.

BONUS: resetting of engine light (but until the root problem is fixed it will come back again)

Auto Services in Ottawa at great prices!


We pride ourselves in offering premium quality car Automobile services in Ottawa at affordable prices. Mr. Jumpstart Ottawa Mobile Car boost  is one of the few — if not the only — jumpstart services in Ottawa that allows you to name your own price for car jumpstart services you are seeking in the Ottawa area.

We have made this simple. Just call us so we can know what you want, when and where you want it, and how much you can spend. We will do our best to meet your asking price.

 we are extending this  offer to auto repair services. we will try to find the right Accredited Automotive Service Center  who can match  or get a closes quote the  service request that you have placed on our website.

If we are unable to, we will make our best counter offer.

Call Us: 613 854 0568

Our website also offers a multiple options for automotive needs.

Your car is important not just anyone with a booster pack should be handling your car.

Trust in the experience of our jumpstart specialist to get you on your way